The 4Cs for SAP Business One Podcast

by Third Wave Business Systems. Episode 7: Connection – eCommerce Integration with FocusPoint This episode features Craig Stockmal, founder and CEO of Focused Impressions who discusses the benefits of integrating an eCommerce platform with your SAP Business One environment.  Craig highlights how FocusPoint helps to eliminate costs of custom development and provides a stable platform for


Know the Why for SAP Business One Customers

I’m oftentimes reminded of Simon Sinek’s mantra when asked about what we do at Focused Impressions. The more important question is why we do it? The answer: To help SAP Business One customers grow their business with a fully integrated eCommerce platform. Why did we choose to integrate our FocusPoint™ eCommerce platform exclusively with


FocusPoint – The Fastest Growing eCommerce Solution for SAP Business One

Thanks to our SAP Partners and customers, FocusPoint is the fastest growing eCommerce platform for SAP Business One. FocusPoint, a B2B/B2C/D2C platform, is specifically built for SAP Business One and offers the deepest integration at the lowest cost on the market.Why did we choose to integrate our platform exclusively with SAP Business One? Because over 70,000 companies globally use


Focused Impressions Develops First SAP Qualified eCommerce Software for the SAP Business One Cloud

The SAP qualification demonstrates Focused Impressions’ continued commitment to the SAP vision as well as to long term SAP partner relationships including an SAP Platinum partner. Focused Impressions has announced that their flagship software FocusPoint™ became the first SAP Business One eCommerce and Marketing software to be qualified for the SAP Business One Cloud


Why Choose FocusPoint For Your eCommerce Solution?

Focused Impressions is a seasoned software solution provider with US and International based Fortune 100 and SMB clients. Focused Impressions was created with the vision to help simplify the way businesses can manage customers end to end, starting from proactive marketing all the way through a reactive and analytical eCommerce experience. Initially built for


Engaging Channel Partners to Drive Revenue: 3 Tips

One of the biggest challenges facing marketers is engaging their channel partners to help create more demand for products and ultimately, increase revenue. Getting your channel partners’ mindshare isn’t easy. They’re likely handling multiple brands and it’s tough to stay updated with every vendor. It is important to remember that channel partners are subject

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