Streamline eCommerce sales
with one-click checkout

Learn More About FocusPoint QuickScan

FocusPoint™ QuickScan is a smart phone-based barcode scanning app that makes online purchases as easy as point-and-click — your scanned products go directly into your shopping cart for quick checkout. Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, FocusPoint QuickScan can be used to scan both barcodes and QR codes and is free with the FocusPoint Professional package.

FocusPoint Quickscan

What can FocusPoint QuickScan do for your business?

  • Simplify order throughput
  • Increase order accuracy
  • Improve bulk order processing
  • Empower employees with a self-service tool
  • Place orders anytime – anywhere
  • Accelerate online sales

FocusPoint QuickScan is Available for Download

FocusPoint Quickscan available from the Apple Store and Google Play Store

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