Thanks to our SAP Partners and customers, FocusPoint is the fastest growing eCommerce platform for SAP Business One. FocusPoint, a B2B/B2C/D2C platform, is specifically built for SAP Business One and offers the deepest integration at the lowest cost on the market.

Why did we choose to integrate our platform exclusively with SAP Business One? Because over 70,000 companies globally use the power of SAP Business One to run their businesses. They require a fully integrated eCommerce solution to manage their complex B2B relationships as well as their B2C and D2C channels. Focused Impressions built our adaptable eCommerce platform using SAP tools to configure to any SAP setup including User Defined Objects, Tables and Fields, or Price scenarios – eliminating development costs and time-to-market delays.


Customers have shared their frustration with the ongoing costs required to customize eCommerce platforms to handle their business requirements from SAP Business One. Many times, eCommerce-related development costs can actually exceed the cost of an ERP system.  SAP Partners and customers are looking to mitigate risk by working with a Certified SAP Solution Provider to lower their total cost of ownership by never having to worry about unexpected eCommerce costs while growing their business. They are turning to Focused Impressions and FocusPoint.

Schedule your one-on-one demo and let us show you how FocusPoint can meet your most complex business requirements.

Craig Stockmal
Founder & CEO at Focused Impressions
January 27, 2021

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