Leading SAP Gold Partner Brings FocusPoint B2B/B2C eCommerce to the SAP Business One Community in the Middle East Region

Boston, MA – June 16, 2020—Focused Impressions, making eCommerce and marketing easy for SAP Business One® users, today announced a new partnership with Inflexion Tech, which further extends the fast-growing Focused Impressions worldwide partner ecosystem. Serving SAP customers throughout GCC & LEVANT region, Inflexion has offices in UAE, Oman, Lebanon, and an offshore delivery center based in India. With the addition of FocusPoint™ to its suite of SAP solutions, Inflexion empowers SAP Business One® customers with a single platform for both B2B and B2C eCommerce and marketing. Set up in just hours, FocusPoint enhances existing online sales while jumpstarting the creation of webstores and for those new to eCommerce.

Deepest Integration to SAP Business One Accelerates Time-to-Value
“Bill McDermott, former CEO of SAP, once said, ‘change the customer’s world so they can change ours,’ and that is Inflexion’s mission,” said Satish Anand, technical director at Inflexion. “And now more than ever during a global pandemic, companies must quickly transform their businesses and pivot to online sales. We vetted a number of eCommerce solutions that are compatible with SAP Business One and FocusPoint out-of-the-box has the deepest integration to SAP Business One on the market. This level of integration enables our customers to quickly adapt to the new normal while opening up new channels for sustainable revenue.”

“Using SAP integration tools, we built FocusPoint exclusively for SAP Business One,” noted Craig Stockmal, founder and CEO of Focused Impressions. This approach eliminates the need for custom coding and connectors and effectively accelerates the time-to-value of an eCommerce platform for Business One customers. “

With core mappings and bi-directional connectivity between FocusPoint and SAP Business One, FocusPoint maps to any SAP or user-defined field. The solution’s deep process integration with SAP Business One effortlessly:

  • Supports all versions of SAP Business One 9.1 and up including SQL
  • Uses all SAP Business One logic to provide up-to-date information on pricing, products, order history, and more
  • Enables customer self-service portals and webstores setup up in just hours
  • Maps eCommerce users to SAP Business Partners
  • Manages inventory tracking and synchronization
  • Aggregates B2B and B2C marketing content and vendors in a single place
  • Instantly updates Point-of-Sale transactions
  • Accommodates all SAP Business One localizations

“Anytime, anywhere, and on any device, FocusPoint gives Inflexion customers a complete B2B and B2C shopping experience with real-time access to order and account information. We’re delighted to partner with Inflexion in bringing this awesome eCommerce experience to SAP Business One customers in the Middle East.”

About Focused Impressions
Founded in 2014, Focused Impressions is a certified SAP Solution Provider dedicated to the SAP Business One global community. The company’s flagship product – FocusPoint™ – provides innovative and affordable B2B and B2C eCommerce and marketing software with enterprise-level capabilities that are easy to use and manage. The solution is available from SAP resellers as well as direct sales to consumer products, retail eCommerce, wholesale distribution, and B2B management companies. Visit Focused Impressions. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Inflexion
An SAP-focused solution and service provider with headquarters in Abu Dhabi, Inflexion was founded in 2008. Since then, we have grown to a significant size of highly qualified and skilled consultants and technical professionals. Technology is an inevitable factor in every aspect of a business for better growth. We understand it very well and deliver reliable, scalable, and robust solutions to our customers using appropriate cutting-edge tools and technologies. Proud to be an SAP Gold-level Partner, we support various industry verticals by providing the best solutions in the business, Visit Inflexion. Follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.


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