I’m oftentimes reminded of Simon Sinek’s mantra when asked about what we do at Focused Impressions. The more important question is why we do it? The answer: To help SAP Business One customers grow their business with a fully integrated eCommerce platform.

Why did we choose to integrate our FocusPoint™ eCommerce platform exclusively with SAP Business One? Through due diligence with SAP, SAP Partners and SAP Business One customers, it was clear they were an underserved market. This market, which has over 70,000 global companies using SAP Business One to run their businesses, presented an opportunity to disrupt the status quo with an exclusive eCommerce integration using the SAP toolset.

Why was this market ready for FocusPoint? Customer satisfaction, cost, and risk mitigation. Frequently customers shared that the cost of implementing, customizing, and maintaining their eCommerce solution was exceeding the cost of their ERP.  Industry agnostic, FocusPoint is deployed across all types of B2B/B2C/D2C businesses. Its SAP integration is adaptable as it was built for SAP Business One, requires no customizations, and can be configured to support any SAP business or pricing scenario.

Why are customers making FocusPoint the fastest growing eCommerce integration to SAP Business One?  Because we utilize our SAP Business One expertise to analyze our customers’ business operations as well as their customers’ buying behaviors and we configure FocusPoint to meet these requirements.  We deploy much more than a webstore. We provide our customers with a solution to address their business challenges.

I invite you to learn why we do what we do by visiting Focused Impressions and scheduling a FocusPoint demo.

Craig Stockmal
Founder & CEO at Focused Impressions
February 23, 2021

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