You’ve got questions about FocusPoint – and we’ve got answers.

Here’s a collection of questions frequently asked by customers and our answers. If you have a question not covered in our FAQs – email us at


In the event that SAP is offline, orders can still be placed and processed on FocusPoint where they are held until SAP is online again. With data centers around the world, you can always rely on FocusPoint availability.

FocusPoint uses native SAP tools and automatically upgrades to SAP Business One. You never have to plan an eCommerce upgrade or worry about support.

Yes, updates and changes in SAP are automatically reflected in your FocusPoint customer portal (real-time SAP dashboard).

FocusPoint supports all versions of SAP Business One 9.1 and up, HANA, and MS SQL.

You have multiple options to create custom reports:

  1. A simple tabular-style report is supported in our Customer Portal.
  2. If you have multiple sites, you are automatically running our Professional Package in which the Azure PowerBI platform is integrated. PowerBI enables both operational and analytical reporting and predictive analytics.
  3. Crystal Reports is supported for PDF extraction from SAP (the most common reporting method)

Two workflows can be used:

  1. FocusPoint has an Order Approval process, which can be set up so that any orders purchased via Terms/Purchase Orders, or an order over X amount has to be approved by a FocusPoint manager before the order is sent to SAP.
  2. FocusPoint Order Approval can be turned off to use native SAP. Orders can be placed into SAP as unapproved and respective internal business processes can be used to validate/approve the sales order in SAP.

SAP is the data source. Products are turned on/off from SAP if they should be web enabled.

FocusPoint supports just about any stock model available in SAP. The choice is yours.

FocusPoint supports minimum order quantity per item and total order quantity for order.

FocusPoint maps to any of your User Defined Objects and User Defined Fields in SAP.


As FocusPoint only integrates to SAP Business One – time is not wasted on data migration. Therefore, it has the fastest implementation time to SAP Business One on the market. On average implementations take about two to four weeks. Seriously.

Server storage depends on your FocusPoint Package:

Basic: 50GB

Standard: 100GB

Standard Plus: 200GB

Professional: 250GB – expandable

Moving from one package to another is seamless and simply requires a new licensing agreement. No implementation whatsoever is required.

MS .NET Core is the base technology for FocusPoint with the presentation layer in HTML 5/jQuery, and CSS.

FocusPoint is hosted on Microsoft Azure so you can rely on robust performance that gives you the flexibility to scale-up as needed.

FocusPoint adheres to a continuous SaaS evolving model. Monthly deployments are transparent to users. As with any other SaaS offering, FocusPoint always delivers the latest stable version. No upgrade planning is required.

Additional functionality beyond what is already delivered in FocusPoint is rarely needed. The FocusPoint modular architecture does, however, allow for added functionality via extensions, which requires the expertise of a .NET developer and web designer.

FocusPoint is hosted in multiple Microsoft Azure Data Centers around the world.

Standard Microsoft Azure SLA – 99.9+ percent uptime.

Microsoft Azure can scale as much as needed and Focused Impressions provides web node add-ons, which typically support true concurrent users (an additional cost monthly subscription).

Focused Impressions follows the latest MS .NET Core MVC approach with continuous adherence to OWASP guidelines. Patching is done regularly even at the OS level as an App Service in Azure.

FocusPoint supports native HTML 5 video and popular players such as Brightcove, YouTube, Vemo, and Wistia.


FocusPoint Packages offer the following webstore options:

Basic: Single B2B customer portal

Standard: One webstore with multiple microsites

Standard Plus: Up to 5 webstores

Professional: Up to 25 webstores with additional stores available as add-ons

FocusPoint only integrates with SAP Business One and handles all main objects. Our configurable integrations handle any User Defined Object and User Defined Field – enabling implementations that take days vs. months.

There is no difference in site maintenance for B2B vs. B2C webstores. There will, however, be differences in industry types and data complexity. For example, a SKU can be used for one or more product models (easiest) to a complex product that comes in multiple sizes, colors, fit options, and associated sales BOMs. Based on its configuration, the webstore will display the correct items in a B2B, vs. B2C format – or both.

FocusPoint features a checkbox to short the inventory in the store per item. If an item will never be sold in the webstore, simply turn off the web-enabled setting.

FocusPoint supports all Chat platforms via eCommerce code snippets. Simply select the platform that aligns with your customer service model and code is embedded into you site.

All metrics and analytics are done through Google Analytics, which is a great platform – no need to reinvent the wheel.


Your FocusPoint webstore accepts all major credit and debit cards, which integrates with more than 50 payment methods and gateways including Amazon, Authorize.NET, Moneris, PayPal, Stripe, Square, and WorldPay. We are continually adding payment processors to our list of supported vendors, providing an API is available.

You have three options:

  1. FocusPoint Freight Matrix, which comes with FocusPoint.
  2. Integrate a freight calculator to your webstore (e.g., FedEx, UPS, etc.).
  3. Calculate freight in SAP (Authorize and Capture steps are separated in this workflow)

FocusPoint is PCI compliant. Credit card information is not stored or retained.


FocusPoint is inherently flexible allowing you to create your own HTML-compliant template as well as standard JQUERY and CSS 3 as needed. The platform also features a range of capabilities that support:

  • Creating a new page and editing design without a template
  • Creating a new page with a template
  • Editing an existing page
  • Changing the template on an existing page

Message Templates, which are powered by our workflow engine (e.g., an order is placed), are triggered to send customers appropriate emails. Same experience as with Amazon.

All manner of pop-ups, ribbons, banners, surveys, etc. are supported as well as top bar discounts.

FocusPoint comes with integrations to leading sales and CRM channels such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google Shopping, Instagram, SAP, and Salesforce. It integrates with all social platforms as well as marketing platforms including Constant Contact, HubSpot, and MailChimp.

FocusPoint offers preview options that work against security roles, which provides an excellent way to track which experience works better.

FocusPoint offers a number of SEO tools to help increase your site’s ranking such as:

  • Product pages with SEO-friendly names out-of-the-box
  • XML and HTML sitemaps
  • Microdata integrated into your websites code
  • Localized URLs
  • Breadcrumbs for easy navigation within search engines
  • Google Analytics integration

FocusPoint has capabilities to support a range of marketing campaigns including:

  • Affiliate Programs
  • Blogs, Forums, Polls, etc.
  • Discounts and Coupons
  • Gift Cards
  • Newsletter Subscriptions
  • Product Comparisons
  • Related Products
  • Reward Points System